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Pantry by Marble: Here's what the hype's all about

Whatever the question, Pantry by Marble is the answer!

No, seriously, if you told us that renowned celebrity chef David Higgs and his business partners at the Marble Group double up as prophetic culinary ninjas we would totally believe you.

As you may or not have heard, there is a (not-so) new kid in town in the heart of Rosebank, Pantry by Marble, a hybrid luxe convenience store which is the perfect marriage between a supermarket, deli, take-away and retail store. The Pantry offers consumers curated grocery items including quality fresh produce, ready-to-go meals, bakery items, flowers, wine and everyday essentials along with a bespoke retail selection.

There is also an app for local deliveries.

Think petrol, everyday essentials, ready-made meals, wood-fired pizza, gifts, wine and fresh flowers all under the same roof as freshly baked artisanal loaves of bread. Available for 24 hours a day, all week. Big deal right? We know.

Simply put, The Marble Group brings you a restaurant experience made for you and your slippers.

"From patisserie to pizza, our world of convenience is fancy but easy and we’re open 24 hours when the cravings call," The Pantry.

Daily Maverick's Marie-Lais Emond puts it so eloquently when she writes; "The Pantry feels eagerly friendly, unusually welcoming and kind of thrilling in a low-key way. Good presentation is part of the thrill, as is the confidence of knowing, just knowing there’ll be food things to find that I didn’t even know I needed".

We could not agree more.

From the moment you park under the incredibly gorgeous wavy and green ceiling and approach the forecourt, no detail was spared.

Upon entry, you are greeted by beautiful freshly baked loaves of bread.

You cast your eye beyond that and you are at the deli section looking at some seriously good side salads - a section dedicated to complementing the staples sold here such as South African wagyu supplied through Silent Valley, Molare pork and Neil Jewell’s charcuterie. A few steps from here is the wood-fired pizza oven -- speaking of which, do order the Oxtail and Chakalaka pizza and thank us later.

To your immediate right, you will see the barista's station and get to meet (yes we said meet) the designer pastries from the hands of pastry guru chef Meg Meikle.

There is also a cute seating area next to which are the gifts and wine sections.

The retail section, which is to your left from the entrance, is stocked full of products you've known and loved for years but also curated elevated options you didn't even know you needed.

They also have a section with fresh fruit and vegetables as well as bouquets of flowers but not your everyday kind. We're talking OTT arrangements by renowned Loulou D.

"Filled with more than delicious fare, The Pantry offers chefs and restaurant managers in-store, to guide and tempt you with new foodie ideas and tips of the trade. Any time of day, any time of night, it’s the very best of our pantry for yours," reads an abstract from the store's website.

We loved the energy of this place and are totes sold on the Oxtail and Chakalaka pizza oh and their honeycomb and popcorn doughnuts.

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Duenna Mambana is a professional, experienced journalist and a trained chef.

With over 11 years of newsroom experience ranging from field reporting, news editing, and social media management, food has always featured greatly in her life although never really at the forefront until a few years ago.

Food media is a huge passion of hers. She is working towards marrying her skills as a journalist with her excellent culinary training -- this is how Bouquet Garni was born. 

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