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Not just a jacket: How your chef uniform helps you succeed

Before they can teach you how to say Yes Chef, Heard Chef, in fact even before they can let you into the kitchen, culinary schools everywhere insist on putting their students in the correct uniform.

This is for the safety of the student - wearing the appropriate uniform is just one of the steps taken towards ensuring food safety.

But hygiene and personal comfort are not the only reason.

According to Chef Issac Mathebula, former head chef at a 5-star establishment within the Kruger National Park, getting kitchens kitted correctly contributes to output and subsequently productivity.

"Through my years in the industry I have worked in enough kitchens to tell you that when your staff feel great in their uniform, you've won the morale trophy. Also, it doesn't hurt that they look hella good too," he says.

Chef Issac adds that budget sometimes stands in the way of chefs' uniform shortlists.

"Executive chefs and owners of establishments often find their hands tied because there's not always enough money to get top-notch gear for all the staff," he tells us.

With the aim to change how the industry looks at uniforms costs, Chef Gear, a Works Group company has set out to create quality and affordable chef wear.

On behalf of the company, Simone van Kraayenburg said the company buys into the analogy that when one looks good they feel good and that this could not be truer even in the "back of house" [in the kitchen].

"Chef Gear is a one-stop resource for the latest innovations in culinary apparel. Our Classic range has been designed to cover all your kitchen uniform requirements. Throughout the years, we’ve coupled our innovative young designers with the world’s top chefs and hotel executives to create durable and comfortable uniforms, expertly tailored to fulfil even the most discerning requirements," an excerpt from the company's website reads.

We've given Chef Gear a try and trust us when we say they know what they're talking about.

We believe in brand Chef Gear so much that we'd like you to join us in giving it a try.

Head over to and shop all your heart's desires. We would not send you empty-handed though, at checkout use the code: DUENNASKITCHEN for a 10% discount on whatever you choose.

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Duenna Mambana is a professional, experienced journalist and a trained chef.

With over 11 years of newsroom experience ranging from field reporting, news editing, and social media management, food has always featured greatly in her life although never really at the forefront until a few years ago.

Food media is a huge passion of hers. She is working towards marrying her skills as a journalist with her excellent culinary training -- this is how Bouquet Garni was born. 

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