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Anyone who works with food on a regular basis will tell you the benefits and importance of wearing the correct uniform no matter the corner of the kitchen you may be operating on.

In our piece about the importance of chefs' uniforms, we spoke to chefs who highlighted the importance of wearing the correct uniform and shared how the proper uniform can position one for success.

Chef Gear is a Works Group company that prides itself on creating quality and affordable chef wear.

Every once in a while the company shares tips on how one can care for their uniform and also which uniform to wear when.

This Tuesday aka Chooseday we thought to ask, which of these makes you tick?




Chefs' hats:

We've given Chef Gear a try and trust us when we say they know what they're talking about.

We believe in the brand Chef Gear so much that we'd like you to join us in giving it a try.

Head over to and shop all your heart's desires. We would not send you empty-handed though, at checkout use the code: DUENNASKITCHEN for a 10% discount on whatever you choose.

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Duenna Mambana is a professional, experienced journalist and a trained chef.

With over 11 years of newsroom experience ranging from field reporting, news editing, and social media management, food has always featured greatly in her life although never really at the forefront until a few years ago.

Food media is a huge passion of hers. She is working towards marrying her skills as a journalist with her excellent culinary training -- this is how Bouquet Garni was born. 

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