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A Zebula Golf Estate & Spa experience is just what your doctor ordered. Here's why

Take it from us, those five, four-and-a-half and solid four-star ratings of Zebula Golf Estate and Spa are not for mahala.

Sitting ever so pretty in a basin of the most pristine African bushveld in the Waterberg region of Limpopo, this one-of-a-kind establishment has something in store for everyone.

Much like the anonymous Michelin star restaurant inspectors, The Bouquet Garni recently spent a weekend in Zebula and boy do we have a lot to tell. Read on.

As an avid traveller, one has spent time in many establishments and experimented with types of accommodation and holidaying "styles".

From resorts to business hotels, 5-star safari lodges, coastal hotels and holiday homes among others, we've kinda seen it all.

Arriving at Zebula in the evening, you kinda wonder if it'll look as great as the pictures online - this is because from the gate you drive on a dirt road (which is a great preamble) for a few kilometres before arriving at the parking for the reception area.

At the end of the walkway, you realise that those pictures actually don't do justice to this gem as you are met with ginormous wooden doors that lead you into one of the most beautifully curated reception areas.

The staff? Super friendly, always going the extra mile for your comfort as a guest. From housekeeping to the masseuse to the chef and even the GM, smiles through and through.

We digress, after checking in you are then shuttled to your room. We woke up to stunning views and the realisation that our room overlooks the dam, which happens to be smack bam in the middle of the renowned golf course.

When we said Zebula is an all-encompassing lifestyle destination with something for everyone, we weren't playing.

In fact, we could not agree more with blogger, Sarah Essop when she said "with such an abundance of activities, it’s no wonder that Zebula Golf Estate and Spa was awarded the Best Tourist Wildlife Encounter Experience in Limpopo at the Annual Lilizela National Awards". Also, they have quite a few of these nods - we're talking a whole shelf full of these very well-deserved trophies.

You can get your golf, wildlife and spa fix here.

Zebula offers a wide variety of accommodations including 20 chalets at the four-star Zebula Bush Lodge – some featuring outdoor showers and spa baths, 16 rooms at the breathtaking five-star Waterberg Lodge, nine Zebula-owned rental houses for the ultimate privacy and luxury as well as 46 privately owned houses.

The Adventure centre organises game drives, quad-biking, paintball and night sky safaris. The Sports Centre offers a fully-equipped gym, squash, tennis and volleyball courts.

Zebula offers an aesthetic like nothing you've experienced. It is almost impossible to experience all the pockets of this gem in just one weekend which is a huge part of the reason we will be returning soon, very soon. Like this month soon.

Cue the Beer Fest...

As if it didn't offer enough already, Zebula Golf Estate and Spa will, come 29 October, host its very first beef festival and you are invited.

There are dozens of websites with recommendations of places to visit within reasonable travel times from major cities. We've all read those. But no amount of words can paint you the perfect picture of Zebula Golf Estate and Spa until you set foot in this majestic location.

Will we be returning? Hell yeah!

As a matter of fact, we've put our names down for the upcoming BeerFest.

The Zebula experience is one your doctor probably prescribed and forgot to tell you - you need it and you need it now. Thank us later!

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With over 11 years of newsroom experience ranging from field reporting, news editing, and social media management, food has always featured greatly in her life although never really at the forefront until a few years ago.

Food media is a huge passion of hers. She is working towards marrying her skills as a journalist with her excellent culinary training -- this is how Bouquet Garni was born. 

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